152mm M-69 "Taran" (Battering Ram) Gun

This rifled gun was developed by the OKB-9 (now Spetstekhnika) design bureau in Sverdlovsk (now Ekaterinburg) in 1960 and was mounted on an experimental vehicle Ob'ekt 120 (chief designer G.S.Efimov). This gun stands out for its length and power and was originally envisioned as a maingun of a perspective heavy tank that never appeared.

This is probably the largest dedicated antitank gun ever built.

Some reports claim that this is the very project from which spawns the 152mm smoothbore gun that is carried by an elusive N.Tagil MBT.

Gun Specifications:
Designation            M-69
                       "Taran" (Battering Ram)
Type                   Rifled
Caliber                152.4 mm
Features               Bore Evacuator
Barrel length          9045 mm
                       60 calibers

AP round performance
Muzzle velocity        1720 m/s
Penetration            290mm RHA plate at 90° at 2000m

Ob'ekt 120

Ob'ekt 120

Ob'ekt 120 in Kubinka

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