PKT 7.62mm Coax MG


All Russian MBTs are traditionally equipped with a 7.62mm machine-gun mounted coaxially with the main armament.

The PKT machine-gun (Pulemyot Kalashnikova Tankovyi, Kalashnikov Machine-gun Tank version) is used in this role since 1962 when it was introduced instead of the older Goryunov SGMT MG. The differences from the PK unified MG include removal of stock and sights, longer and heavier barrel to facilitate higher rate of fire, solenoid electric trigger, gas regulator and several others.

PKT permits only automatic fire, is belt-fed, and the ammo box holds 250 rounds.

PKT embrasure on T-80U MBT
Coax MG embrasure

7.62mm ammo links
7.62mm ammo links, filled with tracer (green tip) and steel core (unmarked) bullets


Machine-gun:           7.62mm PKT (6P7)
Length:                1,098 mm
Weight (empty):        10.5 kg
Barrel length:         722 mm
Barrel weight:         3.23 kg

Direct fire range:     650 m (at running target)
Effective range:       1,500 m
Maximum range:         4,000 m

Rate of fire:          700 .. 800 (250 practical) rds/min

Ammo box:              250 rounds
Ammo box weight:       9.4 kg
Total ammo allowance:  2000 rounds (T-72B(M), T-72BK, T-90)
                       1250 rounds (T-80U, T-80U(M))
                       750 rounds (T-80UK)

Cartridge type:        7.62x54R model 1908/1930
Ammo types:            AP         Enh.AP     Tracer     API
      round            57-N-323S  7N13       7T2        7BZ3
      bullet                                 T-46       B-32
  Muzzle velocity, m/s 855        855        824        834
  Penetration          6mm @535m  6mm @680m  ?          10mm @200m
  Disp. R50 @300m, cm  9          9          15         15

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