Utjos (Cliff) NSV(T) 12.7mm AAMG Mount


All Russian MBTs are traditionally equipped with a 12.7mm AAMG mount.
12.7x108 cartridge
12.7x108 cartridge

Since the mid-70s, this mount carries the NSV(T) machine-gun. This machine-gun was developed by G.I.Nikitin, Ju.M.Sokolov and V.I.Volkov (hence the name) in 1969 to replace the DShKM MG. NSV-12,7 utilises the same 12.7x108 cartridge.

NSV permits only automatic fire, is belt-fed, and the ammo box holds 150 rounds. This is a fairly modern tank heavy machine-gun that boasts small weight and dimensions, good accuracy and dispersion properties.

The new machine-gun that is going to replace NSV(T) as a tank-carried HMG is Kord, that has recently entered production; according to some reports there is also a new 14.5mm HMG that is being tested for tank AAMG role.

T-64, T-90 and the latest T-80U variants are equipped with the remotely-controlled mount. The tank commander can operate the mount from inside the turret thus keeping the hatches closed at all times and greatly increasing crew survivability in NBC conditions and when high-explosive and thermobaric (FAE) munitions are used against the tank. The T-90 mount is equipped with 1Ts29 control system with vertical stabilization.

Utjos AAMG mount
T-90 AAMG mount

Mounting and belt collector
Mount and belt collector

Specifications (T-90 mount):

Machine-gun:           12.7mm NSV(T) (Utjos, 6P17)
Length:                1,560 mm
Weight (empty):        25 kg

Sight:                 PZU-7
Fire control:          1Ts29 with vertical stabization

Direct fire range:     850 m (at 2m target)
Effective range:       2,000 m
Max range:             8,000 m

Vertical traverse:     -4° .. +75°
Rate of fire:          700 .. 800 (100 practical) rds/min

Ammo box:              150 rounds
Total ammo allowance:  300 rounds (T-72, T-90)
                       450 rounds (T-80U)

Cartridge type:        12.7x108mm
Ammo types:            APC (BS)
                       API (B-32)
                       API-T (BZT-44)
                       Instant Action Incendiary (MDZ)
Muzzle velocity:       845 m/s
Muzzle energy:         15815 .. 17672 J

Armor penetration:     20-40 mm RHA (with APC rounds)

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