Black Eagle (Obiekt 640) Autoloader

The disadvantages of carousel-based autoloaders of the Soviet tanks are fairly evident:

To address these issues, a new bustle-mounted autoloader/magazine has been developed. It has the following highlights:

The autoloader is described in the Russian patent RU 2195617 C1

Autoloader Schematics

Autoloader top view

Top view: 4.Roof; 6,7.Side armor walls; 8,9.Front and rear walls; 31.Cross-beam; 32.Electric drive; 43.Ammo cassette frame; 92.Rammer; 93.Rammer and stopper housing.

Autoloader rear view

Rear view: 4.Roof; 5.Bottom; 6,7.Side armor walls; 8,9.Front and rear walls; 11.Ramming trough housing; 34.Drive sprocket; 39.Chain; 92.Rammer; 93.Rammer and stopper housing.


Following the activation of the electric drive 32, the chain 39 starts rotating in one of the directions depending on the proximity of the next round of a given type; the chain rotates until the cassette with the selected round is in the low-central position, above the loading trough. The round is then released into the trough, and is rammed by the chain rammer through the port in the front autoloader wall, the hatch in the rear turret wall, along the loading guide and into the gun. The rammer then retracts and the gun is ready to fire.


Capacity             30 rounds of 125mm ammunition
Cycle time           3-4 sec

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