Russian MIC Enterprises Links
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NII STALI Degtyarev Plant - produces heavy machine-guns, autocannons and ATGMs
KBTM KBTM (Design Bureau of transport machinery) - designer of T-80 line of MBTs and numerous support vehicles from Omsk. CURRENTLY DEAD, IF ANYONE KNOWS OF THEIR NEW ADDRESS PLEASE LET ME KNOW.
Military Parade Military Parade - The magazine of Russian MIC, the wealth of information on all latest Russian Army equipment (BIASED)
Motovilikha Motovilikha Plant - the producer of Russian cannons
NII STALI NII STALI (Institute of Steel) - specializes in all kinds of armors including conventional armor and various kinds of applique protection
PZ SIGNAL "Signal" instrument plant - Obninsk-based producer of nuclear control and measurements devices, including tank-mounted NBC recon systems
SPETSMASH JSC "Specmash" (Special Design Bureau of transport machinery) - original leading designer of T-80 line of MBTs from St.Petersburg
Armour Links
(Pages will open in a new browser window) - literature about russian military and special vehicles.
Army Technology Army Technology - a nice web site containing information about modern equipment used around the world
Bronesite "Bronesite" by V.Chobitok - an outstanding collection of pictures and info about MBTs all over the world (in Russian)
Steel Beasts Steel Beasts - THE armor sim game. I am giving a hand on a project with hopes that something that weighs just 46 tons but also goes 0 to 20 in 7 seconds is playable too!
TankNet TankNet - The Biggest Tanker's Forum on the 'Net
VIF-2NE VIF-2NE - a Russian military/historical forum

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