T-72B(M) Main Battle Tank

T-72B(M) line drawing

Accepted in 1985 and mass-produced since 1988, the T-72B(M) MBT (Ob.187) has protection level comparative to that of the contemporary T-80U, but has a noticably poorer FCS and vision aids and is underpowered. It is the last model of the (in)famous T-72 line, because the T-72BU MBT, successor to T-72B(M), received a new designation, T-90. However, T-72B(M) tanks and older T-72s upgraded to T-72B(M) standard are the most numerous tanks fielded with the Russian military. With the current financial problems, it will likely remain in wide-spread use well into the 21st century.

In addition to the basic model, there exists the T-72BK command variant that has been fielded since 1987. The variant differs in radio and navigational equipment, as well as the presence of an auxiliary power unit.

Dimensions:           L9,530/6,860 x W3,460 x H2,226 x 470 clearance
Weight:               44.5 metric tons
Crew:                 3

Engine:               840 hp V-84-1 diesel
                      1 kW AB-1 aux.unit (T-72BK)
Max Road Speed:       60 km/h
Max X-country Speed:  45 km/h
Power/Weight:         18.9 hp/tn
Ground Pressure:      0.9 kg/sq.cm
Range:                500 km

Obstacle negotiation:
Fording depth:        1.2 m on the move/5 m with OPVT (snorkel)
Trench width:         2.8 m
Vertical obstacle:    0.8 m
Maximum gradient:     30°

Main Weapon:          125mm 2A46M smoothbore
Stabilization:        2E42-2 Zhasmin
Rate of fire:         6-8 rounds/min
Ammunition:           45 rounds (22 in carousel)
Ammunition Types:     APFSDS, HEAT, HEF

ATGM through 125mm:   9M119M Refleks-M (AT-11 Sniper-B)

Machine Guns:         Coaxial PKT 7.62mm (2000 rounds)
                      Manual AAMG mount NSVT 12.7mm (300 rounds)

Smoke Screens:        8 902B 82mm mortars with 3D6/3D17 smoke grenades
                      smoke discharger

Night Vision:         TPN-3-49/TPN-4
Fire Control:         1A40-1
                      9K120 Svir missile guidance system
Onboard sights and accuracy aids:
  Commander:          PNK-3/PNK-4 sight
  Gunner:             1V528 ballistic computer
                      1K13-49 rangefinder/sight (1K33-49 on T-72BK)
                      laying device
                      wind gauge
  Driver:             TVN-4 IR night viewer
Radio:                R-173
                      R-113 + R-130 (T-72BK)
Navigation:           TNA-4 (T-72BK)

Other:                NBC, 3ETs13 Inej auto-fire-fighting equipment,
                      self-dig-in blade,
                      heating, KMT-6 mine clearing equipment (optional)

Front & side armor laminated;
front, side and top armor behind Kontakt-5 ERA

Armor rating, mm RHA: Front turret 54..76cm vs APFSDS; 80..122cm vs HEAT
                      Glacis       692cm vs APFSDS; 944cm HEAT

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