Tanks and I

So, what have I got to do with tanks? Have I served in the military? Have I served in armored forces? Have I taken part in the development of the beasts? Am I a military researcher? None of the above. I am just an armor enthusiast.

In fact, some of my friends that did serve say that I would be far less romantic if I actually had to bounce my head off this pile of steel for two years, nothing to say of requests to dig a full defilade with a shovel, remove a torsion bar with a screwdriver, drag a breechblock from one corner of the room to another, and similar entertainments available for the educational pleasure of Russian recruits.

As it stands, my attitude towards tanks is that of an admiration. I dedicate this site to all tankers around the world and wish them to always see only training targets in their sights!

Merkava Mk3 and I!
This is me, on a ZAHAL's Merkava Mk.3, the best Israeli MBT (actually, it is a pre-production prototype, but it shouldn't have any external differences from the real thing).
Latrun Museum, Israel, March 30, 1999.

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